Excursion «electrodepot Izmailovo»

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You'll make a fascinating excursion into the realm of art, history and architecture .... Surprisingly, electrodepot metro are not only production facilities with shops and sites, but also a work of architecture. A striking example of this - electrodepot «Izmailovo».



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Age limit: strictly 12 years (up to 18 years inclusive, accompanied by an adult).

Meeting point: at the west entrance hall of Art. m. «Izmailovskaya», on the street, at the newsstand (the last car from the center, from the lobby to the right to the residential area «Izmailovo»).

Excursion «electrodepot Izmailovo»

Excursion «electrodepot Izmailovo»

Guides: Dmitry Aksenov, Andrey Komarov, Metro employees. Duration: 2.5 h.

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