Excursion «Petrovsky Palace»

On trips to the Petrovsky Palace, you will hear the story of its creation, know what he did in the palace of Napoleon Bonaparte, for «Kazakovsky ladder» to climb staterooms Petrovsky Castle and admire the magnificent dome, painted in the technique of «grisaille».


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Petrovsky Travel Palace was built in the late XVIII century by the order of Catherine II by the architect Matvey Kazakov in the best traditions of romantic neo-Gothic. The palace was erected as a place of rest and rest for the imperial family and the entourage accompanying them before entering the capital after a long journey from Petersburg to Moscow. Hence its name - «track».

During the war of 1812 in the Petrovsky Travel Palace was the rate of Napoleon Bonaparte. It was from here that he watched the city that he had not repented of. The palace ruined after the flight of Napoleon was restored under Emperor Nicholas I. After the revolution of 1917, the Palace passed from hand to hand: here was the Museum of Red Aviation, and later - the Air Force Academy. In 1999, a monument of history and architecture was returned to the city. In the Palace, a full-scale restoration began, lasting ten years. Now Petrovsky traveling palace is the Reception House of the Moscow City Hall and, as in former times, welcomes guests of the highest level.

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Cost: 450 rubles., With a discount * - 250 rubles.

Excursion «Petrovsky Palace»

  • Узнать историю дворца
  • Подняться в парадные залы Петровского замка
  • Полюбоваться великолепным куполом

Petrovsky Palace

г. Москва, метро Динамо, Ленинградский проспект, 40

На карте +7 (495) 633–66–33 web-сайт

Excursion «Petrovsky Palace»

Venue: Leningradsky Prospekt, 40, m. Dinamo (exit to Petrovsky Park). The northern entrance of the palace (10 m to the left of the central entrance, the first two towers, the arch between them). Please arrive 10 minutes before the session. It is necessary to have a passport (a copy of the birth certificate) and a document certifying the right to a privilege (when buying a discount ticket).

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