Bus tour «Great Stalinist style»

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The Soviet Union has disappeared from the world map, but left behind a remarkable legacy - the «Great Stalin's style.» History of the origin, development, the existence of a cultural phenomenon «Great Style» dedicated to our journey through the main streets and squares of Moscow.



You will see the architecture, rich symbols of the communist paradise is being built, the architecture, requiring ceremonial processions and mass enthusiasm of the masses. Dwelling houses, public buildings, industrial and educational buildings, turned into the ancient temples and the «Cathedral». You feel how the city has changed its scale, as the fine capillary network of streets and alleys of the ancient Moscow, replaced by wide avenues and squares. Feel like there was a «new city», the city that we are accustomed to consider itself Moscow. The journey begins with the pre-war period of construction and reconstruction of Moscow, you will see the Military Academy. MV Frunze L. Rudnev, IA ZHOLTOVSKOGO house on Moss Street 1934. and the building of the SRT (Council of Labor and Defense) A. Langman. Building the Garden Ring and Tverskaya (Gorky Street). You will see the construction and post-war period, which became the apotheosis of the Big style - high-rise building 1940 x beginning of the 1950s.

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Cost: Full - 1000 rubles, discount * -800 rubles.

Meeting point: At the ticket office of the Museum of Moscow. Provision warehouses. Zubovsky Boulevard, d. 2, the Park Kultury metro station (the Ring, and Sokolniki line).

Bus tour «Great Stalinist style»

You will visit the amazing and unique hotel lobby Leningrad, created an amazing team of architects Leonid Polyakov, A. Boretskaya, A. Rochegova artist and decorator M. Engelke.

Moscow Museum

г. Moscow, метро Park Kultury, Zubovsky boulevard, 2

На карте +7 (495) 739-00-08 web-сайт

Bus tour «Great Stalinist style»

Duration: 3.5 hours. Guide: Maria Kalish, historian, moskvoved, Moscow Museum employee, a relative of architect V. Kalish.

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