Exhibition of works by Edward Gudzenko (1938-2006)

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The exhibition of Ukrainian artist Eduard Ivanovich Gudzenko (1938-2006). This name still remains virtually unknown to the Russian audience. The retrospective exhibition will present more than 70 works



On February 28 in the halls of the Museum and Exhibition Center of the Russian Academy of Arts Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery, ul. Prechistenka, 19 an exhibition of Ukrainian artist Eduard Ivanovich Gudzenko (1938-2006). This name still remains virtually unknown to the Russian audience.

The retrospective exhibition will present more than 70 works. The exhibition consists of several thematic blocks and covers the artist's work from the early sketches late 1950s, graphic sketches to his last paintings of the early 2000s. At meter canvas, landscapes and still lifes, portraits, genre scenes and decorative imagination.

In his works, Eduard Ivanovich turned to different techniques and ways of painting, producing your own handwriting. «For me, art is - a game of improvisation» - the artist wrote in his diary. His paintings are distinguished by ease of writing, pasty broad strokes that create a complex texture and dynamics of the plane. The most innocent, prosaic subjects, reflecting the life and the life of Ukrainian heartland, saturate the internal energy and dynamics. Interesting and work with color. Creating tsvetotonalnoe solution web master is not afraid to use open paint, often weighing and dimming center of the composition, surrounding it with bright coloristic spots.

Works «Premiere,» «The Comedians» 1970 distinguishes karnavalizm. They open space for various interpretations, indicating the author's erudition, his penchant for deep understanding of life, a philosophical view of reality.

Portraits brush Gudzenko and his later works are distinguished by a dark monochrome palette, but it does not make them more dramatic, softer and more relaxed. These are the «Don Quixote» (1973), «Portrait of the groom veteran Grits» (1984) and the latest work - «calm Alley» (2005).

Edward Gudzenko born in Cherkassy (Central Ukraine) in 1938. He died in the village Budische in 2006. He was educated at the Art School in Kishinev (1957-1962 gg.) Where he studied with Michael Greco and was an intern at Corneliu Baba. In 1966, the only time took part in the Republican exhibition of young artists of the USSR, where he received positive feedback TN Yablonska, GV and GI Yakutovych Gavrilenko.

After studying at Eduard Ivanovich there was a hard life. Not having joined a wave of official Soviet art, he lived the life of a provincial artist. Was the head of the art studio in Cherkassy House of pioneers in the 1960s., Created several chamber mosaic projects in the interior. The only solo exhibition was held in unacknowledged master of 1987 in Cherkassy, ​​in the same year, the artist experienced a first heart attack, after which he had to restore the ability to write.

Half a century of his active creative work, from 1957 to 2005, were almost devoid of highlights. The meaning of his life has always been painting.

Solo exhibitions were organized after the artist's death, in 2007 - in the Cherkassy Art Museum, in 2008 - in Kiev, in 2014-15, his work could be seen and Russian art lovers - thanks to the exhibition at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

Here is how describes the work of Edward Gudzenko Ph.D. in art history, Jennifer Kahn: «Even in his most abstract works Gudzenko never neglects the specific images. One can only imagine what heights he could achieve, without being constrained by limitations of the era. »

The curator of the exhibition Svetlana Shvydkaya.

The exhibition runs through March 26th.

Information Office of the Russian Academy of Arts

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- For adults - 300 rubles

- For students in full-time education in public educational institutions and private educational institutions with state accreditation, initial vocational, secondary and higher vocational education - $ 100

- For pensioners - 100 rubles

Exhibition of works by Edward Gudzenko (1938-2006)

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Exhibition of works by Edward Gudzenko (1938-2006)

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