The exhibition «Other civilizations.» Works by Michael Verkholantseva.

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Exhibition on the 80th anniversary of the master the most complex type of the engraving - woodcuts - in which M. Verkholantsev embodies a large number of images - from Karelian epic heroes and antiquity to the illustrations to the works of Russian classics.



Michael Verkholantsev - acknowledged master of contemporary woodcuts and book art, a versatile artist who works in the field of applied and easel graphics, design and painting.

In such a complex and rare prints as a woodcut artist created a unique artistic style, which is inherent in the combination of sophisticated technology and with the expression of a composite energy. Cleanest masterly stroke of his delicate miniatures is preserved at high magnification: prints acquire a monumental sound and resemble the cartoons for tapestries. Several tapestries created thanks to enlarged engravings and implemented in the material by «Palazzo design» in China.

Plots engravings M.Verholantseva diverse: Karelian epic «Kalevala», the Bible and the Gospel parable, antiquity. In the works of Michael Verkholantseva no slightest reaction to current stylistic movement. While still a student, he opened by this style for yourself Mannerism, passionately loved the grotesque, painting, architecture, furniture, small plastic. Almost all his compositions inspired by the works of artists of this era, the names of which come to life in the works of the artist. Engravings Verkholantseva with their silvery shimmer, the color of his paintings are full of the spirit of Mannerism. In a loud voice here sung hosanna Rosso Fiorentino, Primaticcio, Pontormo and grotesque ornaments Peter Flёtnera. «I was trying to achieve a special status peculiar to Mannerist works: solemn twilight state of nature, hushed before the coming storm. Here and sfumato morning here and peace and at the same time anxious, enthusiastic expectation of the miraculous ... », - says the author.

Michael Verkholantsev known as a designer of books and magazines. Working in the «RT» magazine ( «Radio Television»), the artist has published many new design finds. He has collaborated with a number of publishers, «Soviet writer», «Young Guard», «truth», «Children's Literature», «Rainbow», «Science», «Education», «Soyuzinforkino». With the participation of the artist published more than 1,000 books, albums, magazines.

M.Verholantsev - a wonderful stylist, feeling everything typical in the era depicted. All images of the artist - tart and sharp paraphrase classical texts. Since 2010, the most significant works in the field of domestic Verkholantseva books - prints to the Tolstoy novella «The Kreutzer Sonata», illustrations for the book «Deutsch» Publishing House (novels and short stories of Andrei Platonov, I. Goncharov's novel «Ordinary Story», novels and short stories Tolstoy). in the «Author's book» In 2014, for the book «Virtues and vices,» the artist awarded the All-Russian competition «The image of the book.» Michael Verkholantsev marked by numerous awards, medals and diplomas at international competitions and the Biennial of Graphic Art in Russia, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Turkey, Poland, China, and Switzerland. Solo exhibitions of prints and illustrations of the artist were held in many Russian cities. Irkutsk, Tobolsk, Tyumen, Voronezh, Ufa and other iconic language of the artist is unique. It is marked by a theatrical pathos, an unusual construction of the composition, a huge expression of images and the special decorative effect that is characteristic of the Mannerist and Baroque aesthetics with their undying desire to surprise.

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The exhibition «Other civilizations.» Works by Michael Verkholantseva.

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The exhibition «Other civilizations.» Works by Michael Verkholantseva.

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