The exhibition «After the Siddur»

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The exhibition «After the Siddur» is dedicated to the classics of Russian sculpture of the twentieth century, prepared by Moscow artists Dima Goryachkin and Dasha Delaunay (artist will give) as an attempt to re-outline the scope of the fundamental problems of the author's work: the place and role of the artist in the world and culture of its relations with society, the government and the history.



«Vadim Siddur was not only an outstanding sculptor, whose work can be put on a par with sculptures by Henry Moore and Alberto Giacometti. He was one of the first Russian artists who applied to the post-war period to the Christian symbolism. Since the death of the sculptor has passed for more than thirty years, but the combat than Siddur devoted his life: dangerous experiments of nature, global political and military conflicts, and, finally, direct violence of people on top of each other - all this again determine today our agenda day. And we see that his work is imbued with compassion and love for man, a sense of the infinite value of life, today no less relevant than during his lifetime. Today, it is the past which can not pass any normal civilized man, nor, especially, the artist. » (Will give) «will give» Group

Dmitry Goryachkin was born in 1964 in Moscow. Sculptor.

Selected exhibitions:

2016: Art Vilnius. Caravan Gallery (Paris); Art Basel Scope «Everything is Art» gallery (Basel, Switzerland).

2015: Aqua Art Miami (Miami, USA); 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, a special project, «Volume One Sky», Zverev Center of Contemporary Art (Moscow); «Eve-rything is Art» gallery, The Affordable art fair (Seoul, South Korea.); Art Show 21, International Art Plener (Ljubljana, Slovakia); «Everything is Art» gallery, The Affordable art fair (Singapore).

2014: Kölner Liste art-fair (Cologne, Germany).

Daria Delaunay was born in 1970 in Moscow. Painter, graphic, sculpture

Selected exhibitions:

2016: «Play Ground». Gallery Ground-sand (Moscow); Scope Art Bazel (Basel, Switzerland); Art Vilnius. Caravan Gallery - Paris (Vilnius, Latvia); Caravan International Art Forum of Contemporary Art (Kutaisi, Georgia); «Froze». Zverev Center of Contemporary Art (Moscow).

2015: Aqua Art Miami (Miami, USA); Gallery «Everything is Art». Affordable Art Fair (Seoul, South Korea). Gallery «Everything is Art»; Art Show 21, International Art Plener (Stara Lubovna, Slovakia).

2014: Kolner Liste. Art-fair. (Cologne, Germany). The first catalog of the Third Crusade. « Zverev Center for Contemporary Art in collaboration with the publishing house »Welcome-books» (Moscow); Solo exhibition «Not only animals,» Zverev Center of Contemporary Art (Moscow).

2013: Museum of Everything. Exhibition # 5. Moscow. CSI Garage.

His works are in collections: «Museum of Everything», London, Museum of Modern Art «Gallery progress» Vyatka. Stara Lubovna Contemporary Arts Museum, Slovakia, Happy Art Museum, Riga, as well as in private collections.

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Ticket price:

  • Full - 150 rubles.
  • Grace - 50 rubles

The exhibition «After the Siddur»

Museum of Vadim Sidur

г. Moscow, метро Perovo, Novogireevskaya str., 37, p. 2

На карте +7 (495) 645-92-77 web-сайт

The exhibition «After the Siddur»

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