Triennale of Russian contemporary art

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Triennale of Russian contemporary art - the largest project-study in a long-term program of the Museum «Garage», aimed at the development and popularization of contemporary art in Russia. Triennale as a regular exhibition project will take place at the «Garage» every three years. The exhibition in 2017 will feature more than 60 artists who were selected by the curators of the Museum in the course of travel and research for more than 40 Russian cities.



In preparation for the first Triennale of Russian contemporary art curators «garage» of the Museum was visited by more than 40 Russian cities and met with more than 200 artists aged 19 to 69 years. Meet artists Triennale in the special section of the website bilingual portfolio, which will include both works selected for the exhibition and the work of all the artists, curators opened in the course of their investigation of the local art scene.


In search of artists that are out of sight of the capital's museums and galleries, curators of the Triennial of Russian contemporary art, working closely with local experts in the field of contemporary art, crossed 11 time zones and traveled eight federal districts of the country, from the Pacific to the Arctic Ocean. In this section you will be able to trace their routes, read the notes on the cities and regions where they have been, and get acquainted with the artists whom they met.

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Triennale of Russian contemporary art

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Triennale of Russian contemporary art

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