The exhibition «The canons of beauty Giovanni gaztelu»

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More than forty years Giovanni gaztelu creates its own world of fashion and photography. During this time, his photographs appeared on the covers and pages of top fashion magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, Donna, Mondo Uomo, Glamour, Femme, Amica, Sette, and become part of the world's museums and private collections.


Gaztelu Giovanni was born in Milan in 1955 and belongs to the ancient Italian race Visconti. Much of what most people come into contact in museums - the interiors of the Palazzo and the best works of Italian art - have become commonplace for him. His uncle, the famous Italian film director Luchino Visconti was one of the first who introduced Giovanni to the world of art and, above all, cinema.

His first photographic experiments occurred in the 1970s. At this time, the photographer gets the ultimate recognition, gradually taking an equal place in the world's museums and galleries. For gaztelu these years were a period of apprenticeship and the sample in different directions, he was shooting portraits, weddings, as well as models for his first shooting modes are children. In 1975 he got the opportunity to work for the auction house Christies, that taught him patience and love for the object.

The turning point comes in the profession for a photographer in 1981 when he meets Carl Gileri, who becomes his agent and enters it in the fashion world. After the first still lifes in Annabella journal gaztelu begins collaboration with Vogue Italia, and then, thanks to the meeting with Flavio Lucchini - with Mondo Uomo and Donna. So it Editors notice the biggest fashion magazines and soon gastello photos beyond Italy, spreading first in Paris and then around the world. Since then, he works with leading designers, including Nicola Trussardi, Versace and Giovanni Maria Mandelli, known under the pseudonym Krizia. Then he joined the movement of «Made in Italy», whose participants were designers, editors and photographers. Focusing on European art history, they sought to create something authentic, in opposition to, first of all, the American traditions.

The final recognition of Giovanni gastello takes place in 1997, when Milan passed his first big retrospective.

Gaztelu aware of the illusory and ephemeral fashion photography, using techniques to create the illusion of different directions, from the Renaissance to Pop Art. It easily handles with established canons, offering the viewer to see how different are our ideas about beauty and how it should be represented in the image. Individual frames and its working methods - close-ups and subtle silhouettes - turn to the cinematic experience of the viewer.

Photographer uses the different apparatus, from large-scale analog cameras to modern digital. One of his recognizable imprint types - large-format Polaroid, with its characteristic size (20x25 cm) and shades of colors. Unlike many of his contemporaries believed invention gastello digital photos this birth, which until then was «just archeology.» The author uses a variety of methods of analog photography: overlay images, pictorial methods of processing, separation of fragments and layers, and when working with digital images pay careful attention to the subsequent processing.

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  • Free - World War II veterans, children under 16 years accompanied by their parents

The exhibition «The canons of beauty Giovanni gaztelu»

To see the true Italian fashion photography

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The exhibition «The canons of beauty Giovanni gaztelu»

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