Exhibition of works by Vladimir Molochkov «Uncomfortable things.»

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Exhibition of Arts Honorary Academician Vladimir Molochkov «Uncomfortable things.» Curator - Andrey Yerofeyev



The birth of a new artist - an important event not only for artists, but also society as a whole, for contemporary take on a fresh look at themselves, their mentality, feelings and sense their surrounding reality. Vladimir Molochkov entered the Russian art just yesterday. He According to the traditional terminology - natyurmortist. Draws the world of everyday objects. But his attention concerns not objects of the supermarkets, and the things that we have inherited from the Soviet era. Many of us belong to him already nostalgic and lovingly as rarities. After all, the consumer society so rapidly and totally change everything that the Soviet way of life without the rest fell into history, and with it in the distant past have left the joy and experience of those years. Molochkov interested in this lost world. But no tenderness for him, he does not feel. Artist detail and with great diligence portrays him, filling his canvases crudely made, crooked, crooked objects, painted around the familiar dull green, brown or dark blue color. Still Life Molochkov look as evidence of the decline of human abilities and skills, there is no concept of grace and beauty to the civilization that produced them. Particularly suited to the Soviet Molochkov subjects is to demonstrate their plastic aggressiveness. The artist usually puts them in a deliberately close visual space of the painting. The scale of things greatly increased compared with the natural size. In the space of the viewer of the painting «fall out» and a giant tablet buttons, grand pots, buckets, battery. Things that are designed to serve as a modest man, find in the interpretation Molochkov some dramatic and intrusive nature. Corners, handles, valves, they «bulge» out of the picture, and intrudes into the surrounding space. The viewer has the impression that he was in a stuffy and cramped boiler room, where the walls and corners of the danger of collision with cutting, piercing and blunt objects. For this class of Soviet Molochkov things closely associated with the world of Soviet ideas, attitudes, actions, anywhere from modern times has not disappeared, not moved in the past. He remained throughout, and as relevant as actively present models, as well as its manufacturers - «scum» and «bitch» (in the author's terminology) screaming, making a din characters that inhabit some of his paintings. World in pictures Molochkov deprived of deep space, air and light. He rigidly fenced by walls and fences all sorts of configurations. However, it rotted fences, some of them drop out of the board and are not able to cover all the holes and loopholes. Noi in them, too, the author finds no possibility of salvation. From the gaping holes, holes, iron drains and pipes to the audience in the hall of paintings «poured out» sewage flows, the jet of muddy water, waves congestive slurry. No human happiness is not waiting for any of this, not even in the «zakordonnom» world. Misanthropic attitude that drenched paintings Molochkov, does not affect the manner of writing of the artist. His cheerful beautiful handwriting and no drops depressive apathy dissuade a person. Molochkov Painting active and energetic, she enjoys the speed and precision of execution. The author does not run and the other extreme - in the picturesque conviction or karikaturizatsiyu evil motive. His painting does not choked hysterical hatred. Molochkov careful and methodical as a doctor in his analysis and diagnosis of today's reality. He consistently leads the viewer to the sad generalization, but avoids didactic conclusions. Ultimately, he's only drawing, ie inspires us uncomfortable things, not in words, and the painting itself.

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- For adults - 300 rubles

- For students in full-time education in public educational institutions and private educational institutions with state accreditation, initial vocational, secondary and higher vocational education - $ 100

- For pensioners - 100 rubles

Exhibition of works by Vladimir Molochkov «Uncomfortable things.»

Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery

г. Moscow, метро Kropotkinskaya, Park Culturi, Prechistenka Street, 19

На карте +7 (495) 637-41-50 web-сайт

Exhibition of works by Vladimir Molochkov «Uncomfortable things.»

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