The exhibition «metaphorical realism Sergei Milchenko»

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Honored Artist of Russia, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts Sergei Milchenko belongs to the galaxy of bright, original masters of modern Russian sculpture.


In the halls of the Russian Academy of Arts at the address: ul. Prechistenka, 21, opens the exhibition «Sergei Milchenko metaphorical realism». Sculpture.

Honored Artist of Russia, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts Sergei Milchenko belongs to the galaxy of bright, original masters of modern Russian sculpture. The great art of the artist confidently entered with its theme of religious and biblical nature, philosophically meaningful and emotionally experienced. His works: «Entry into Jerusalem», «Incident in the Garden of Gethsemane,» «Judas Kiss,» «The Last Supper», and others have become iconic for Russian art of the late XX - early XXI century.. This multi-sculptures, significant emotional impact on the strength and completeness of plastic solutions.

S.M.Milchenko was born in 1962 in the Moscow region. He graduated from the Moscow Art School in 1985 - Kharkov Art and Industrial Institute. His early compositions:. «The girl from the village of Passages,» «Grandchildren left», «I and the horse,» etc. characterized by a combination of folk traditions with the sophistication of classical art. The highlight of this period was the synthesis and solid coming from parsuna style image - the sculpture «Bogdan Khmelnitsky» with its solemnity, bright hue, the synthesis of the Slavic spirit and European medieval sculptural tradition. Beginning of the 1990s - the time of creative maturity of the artist. It creates a composition «The Annunciation», «Christ in temnichke», «Savior midnight», «Ecce Homo», «Incident in the Garden of Gethsemane» where associative, very generalized and at the same time is psychological expressed the tragic content of the great betrayals and defeats sacral great holiday theme - voskreseniya.Vypolnenny in stone «Wandering Jew» has given a textbook image of lofty spirituality. This work marked the beginning of the experiments S.Milchenko to create their own original iconography. S.Milchenko sculptures executed in different style and materials. In the Gospel story dominates the Romanesque and Eastern Slavic tradition. First expressed in stone ( «Entry into Jerusalem», «The Last Supper», «Descent from the Cross», «Resurrection», «Ascension»), the second - in the tree ( «Christ the midnight», «Guardian Angel,» «The Return prodigal son », and others.). The artist is not afraid of borrowing, historical reminiscences, retaining identity, based on - a direct empathy. According to Academician of Russian Academy of Arts A.Rukavishnikov, «his biblical scenes create a mysterious and solemn space around them, the surface of the stone is such that the amount of saves and does not cater to a variety of textures inhabitant ...» .In portraits and portrait compositions: «Dante», «Picasso bullfight in Vallauris »,« Denis Davydov, »« Princess Sophia »,« Composer A. Alyabiev », etc., in the sketches -. all sounds Indoor sculpture monumental beginning. The compositions made in the genre of «nu» ( «Cleopatra», «Dance of Salome», «Judith» and others.), The artist explores the possibilities of plastic forms, emphasizes its tension and expressive silhouette, decorative material. S.Milchenko works in easel and monumental in plastic. They performed «The Crucifixion» for the church. Troitsk, Moscow Region, reliefs: «The capture of Ismail», «Sturm Devil's Bridge» for the monument to Alexander Suvorov in the Catherine Park in Moscow, the tsar and deacons gates for baptismal temple, «In the name of the new Russian» in Petrovsky Park in Moscow, a monument to Andrew in Kharkov, a memorial to victims of the Nazi occupation of the Crimea, 1941-1944. Simferopol and others. Sculptor performed a number of works for foreign churches: the composition «Christ midnight» for the Church of the Ascension (g.Vudchester, UK), for remote cross Cathedral (g.Lankaster, UK), crozier and pectoral cross to the cathedral (g.Vitbi, United Kingdom), as well as sculptural Deesis and external cross to the monastery of the Virgin (g.Volsingham, UK), and others. According to the poet and essayist G.Krasnikova, Milchenko product «similar to the philosophical treatises, the Gospel parables m, the ancient myths and legends ... His sculptures - it's heroes and villains, sinners and saints, the actors on the stage of history. S.Milchenko perfectly organize the staging, adding to them more and more new characters in the world of drama ... ». The sculptor's works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery, in many museums in Russia and foreign collections in the United States, France, Holland, England and other countries.

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- For adults - 100 rubles

- For students in full-time education in public educational institutions and private educational institutions with state accreditation, initial vocational, secondary and higher vocational education - 50 rubles

- For pensioners - 50 rubles

The exhibition «metaphorical realism Sergei Milchenko»

Exhibition halls of the Russian Academy of Arts

г. Москва, метро Park Kultury, Kropotkinskaya, ul.Prechistenka, 21

На карте +7 (495) 637-25-69 web-сайт

The exhibition «metaphorical realism Sergei Milchenko»

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