Excursion «Vyaz lanes of Ivanovskaya Gorka»

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Ivanovskaya Hill is one of the seven hills of Moscow, a reserve of old Moscow. Almost all the churches and monasteries that existed before the revolution were preserved here. Here Moscow retained its «knitting», as Sergey Yesenin called it, a pattern of alleys.



Walking along quiet streets you will find among the spirit of old Moscow a piece of sunny Florence and a harsh Protestant Europe. Learn to see where under the walls of houses of the XIX century the vaults of ancient houses are hidden in the cellars. You will visit the place where the country residence of Basil I and Ivan III was located. You will look into the monastery, reborn after the fire of 1812, and before that, the former secret prison. You will find out where Mikhail Grigory Melikhov brought Mikhail Sholokhov to treat his eyes, and what is the Communist University of the National Minorities of the West named after Markhlevsky.

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Cost: 400 rubles, with a discount - 300 rubles.

Excursion «Vyaz lanes of Ivanovskaya Gorka»

To find out where Ferenc Liszt gave concerts and where the most important diplomatic documents were kept, and also the first notes of P.I. Tchaikovsky.

Monument to Cyril and Methodius

, метро Китай-город, Славянская площадь

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Excursion «Vyaz lanes of Ivanovskaya Gorka»

Guide: Maria Kalish - historian, moscow expert, employee of the Moscow Museum.

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