Excursion on MCC with Yuri Egorov

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Continuation of the presentation of the book-guide Yuri Yegorov «Moscow District Railway» at the Lecture Hall of the Moscow Museum will be a journey through the MCC. This is a great opportunity to see with my own eyes the surviving buildings and structures of the Moscow Railway, as well as the modern system of the Moscow Central Ring, accompanied by one of the best experts in rail transport.



The journey begins from the station «Business Center» MCC. You will see the complexes of the stations of the Moscow District Railway and its unique engineering facilities along the main road. You will get acquainted with the device of railway depots of the beginning of XX century. On the example of the depot «Likhobory», you will learn how the «switchbox boxes» are arranged; You will see a station hidden in the heart of Losiny Island, an elegant railway station, which is still surrounded by trees; And a unique tower-stop. Talk about the creators of the road: those who created its architectural appearance and the engineers who designed bridges, overpasses, technical buildings. Compare the complex of the Okruzhnaya road with other railways on the territory of Moscow.

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Cost: 550 rubles., Price with discount * 350 rubles.

Excursion on MCC with Yuri Egorov

The culmination of the trip will be an hour walk through one of the stations of the Moscow Railway and its surroundings.

CIP station «Business Center»

г. Москва, метро Деловой центр

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Excursion on MCC with Yuri Egorov

Guide: Yuri Yegorov - transport historian, Moscow writer, author of a guide to the Moscow District Railway.

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