Museum & Exhibition Center «Saint Petersburg Artist»

Russian realistic paint-art: traditions and modernity. The biggest private collection (second half of XX century).


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Private Gallery of realistic art in Saint-Petersburg. Here you can find bright and meaningful art-pieces of Leningrad paint-school. "Petersburg Artist" Gallery has very strict criteria for choosing art-works for the exhibitions. "We work with those artists, whose works were highly estimated by the audience and experts" - Museum representatives say. Paintings of these artists are housed in the funds of Russian Museum and Tretiakov’s Gallery. Paintings exhibitions are held in "Petersburg Artist" Gallery. Musical and theatric evenings are also conducted here. More over the museum publishes the magazine "Petersburg Artist” which reports history and modern processes of Russian realistic art.

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The ticket is for 1 visit for 1 person.
To view the biggest private collection of classic realistic art in Saint-Petersburg. The building of Museum is located in the former tenement building of Baron Fitingof, which was built under the project of Petersburg architect, Swedish man - Karl Anderson. The building reminds Italian Palazzo. To read the magazine "Petersburg Artist", which is published by the museum.



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