Museum of St. Petersburg avant-garde

Petersburg avant-garde museum (House Museum MV Matyushina) located on the street Professor Popov, formerly called the Sand. The wooden house was built in 1840-1850-ies in the territory of the garden, which passed in the second half of the nineteenth century in the possession of the «Society benefit needy writers and scholars» ( «Literary Fund»). Subsequently, the house was reconstructed several times.



In the years 1891-1899 the house belonged to the writer and journalist VO Mikhnevich. In 1904 the house was purchased by the Literary Fund widow Mikhnevich. In 1912, in the apartment number 12, settled one of the pioneers of Russian avant-garde - the artist, the author of the theory of 'expanded looking', musician, teacher, publisher Mikhail Matyushin (1861-1934) Elena Genrichovna Guro (1877-1913), the famous artist and writer .

For several decades, the house MV Matyushina was one of the centers of cultural life of St. Petersburg-Petrograd-Leningrad, brings together artists, musicians and writers. In 1910-1920-ies it is frequented by Kazimir Malevich, PN Filonov, AE Kruchenykh, Vladimir Mayakovsky, VV Khlebnikov, V. Kamensky, Burliuk brothers; students Matyushina brothers and sisters Ender, VE Delakroa NI Campfires, ES Khmelevskaya, EM Magaril, OP Vaulina, IV, Walter, E. Ya Astafieva, VP Besperstova. During the Great Patriotic War in the house often gathered writers Alexander Fadeev, N. Tikhonov, VM Inber, MA Dudin, and AA Kron. The apartment Matyushina widow Olga Konstantinovna from August 1942 to November 1944 living writer Vladimir Vishnevsky.

During the siege house Matyushina as a historical and cultural monument by the decision of the Regional Party Committee was not dismantled for firewood, unlike many wooden buildings and has retained its pre-war appearance. OK Matyushina lived in this house until 1975, keeping intact the atmosphere memorial apartments, personal items, paintings and graphic works MV Matyushina and E. Guro, who subsequently acquired her Museum of the History of Leningrad. June 6, 1977 was taken Leningrad Executive Committee decision № 413 «On the transfer of the State Museum of History of Leningrad house number 10 on the street Professor Popov.»

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Entrance fee:

Adults - 150 rubles.

The students - 100 rubles.

Retirees - 100 rubles.

In July 1979, the house was finally resettled and transferred to the museum. In 1987, the house was demolished due to poor condition. Restored frame later badly damaged by fire in the summer of 1990. In 1993-1995, he was made the new frame, which stood unfinished for nearly four years, due to lack of funding.

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