House of Scientists them. Gorky

January 31, 1920 on the initiative of Maxim Gorky in Petrograd, the first in our country, the House of Scientists opened. House of scientists begins its history from the Petrograd Committee for the Advancement of scientists life (Petrocub), formed after the October Revolution.



From the first years of its existence in the House of scientists actively working academician SF Oldenburg, Fersman, V.M.Shimkevich and others. In the complex 20s House of Scientists did a lot for the salvation of the Russian science. Household services supplied figures of science and culture with everything necessary for living and working. There are about 6 thousand. Man has been attributed to the House of Scientists.

In the scientific and educational work of world-renowned scientists participated in different years: Pavlov, LS Berg, Vavilov, Vernadsky, Ioffe. In 1920, at the invitation of Gorky House of Scientists visited the English writer HG Wells. The first chairman of the Council of the House of Scientists was a genetic scientist, Academician Vavilov. It is in the 30s there were established scientific sections have been held All-Union and international conferences. In 1932, the House of scientists was named after Maxim Gorky.

During the Great Patriotic War, more than two hundred scientific and technical problems for the defense industry, and the front was decided efforts of scientists. Even in the hardest years of the blockade of the House of Scientists never stopped working and helped to survive figures of our science. Members of the House of Scientists received food rations, clothing, footwear, wood. For weak and sick when it opened the infirmary, where scientists could be treated and recover strength for the job.

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for adults 400 rubles;

for children, students, veterans, blockade: 200 rubles.

The Palace is an architectural monument of federal significance.

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