Gorky Park Museum

The first Museum of Gorky Park was opened in the history of the left pylon and entablature main entrance, an area of ​​about 150 m2.

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The main exhibition consists of a unique archive of Gorky Park, as well as photo and video materials and documents provided by other archives and museums of Moscow. By means of modern multimedia installations told 15 stories about people, which is related to the history of dull garden and Gorky Park. Also in the museum is the layout of a parachute tower, which appeared in the park in 1930, next to which with the help of glasses oculus rift can virtually jump with a parachute. Saturation factual material and interactivity makes the universal exposition of the museum - it may be of interest to visitors of all ages. Those who are younger, can pass the quest - to find in the exhibition answers to questions about the history of the park and get them small gifts in the gift shop at the exit.

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Ticket price: 300 rubles (normal ticket) and 150 rubles (discount ticket).

On the roof of the museum is an observation deck, on which the binoculars with a 25x increase. During the day they can be clearly seen through the avenue of the park, the First City Hospital, Temple of Christ the Savior, the Stalinist skyscraper, Crimean bridge and in the evening - the lunar craters.

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