Wax Museum in the fortress

History in Faces. The most important figures from different Russian regions, which can be touched.

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On the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress in the Artillery armory building (warehouse) located chamber exhibition of wax figures. On two floors of exhibition displays several dozens of historical figures, some of which are grouped into thematic gruppy.Na entrance greets visitors to Madame Tussauds - the founder of the first museum pieces of wax. Behind him is a two foreigners who have made a contribution to the history of the Russian state - Count Osterman and the Duke of Biron. They also reveal a galaxy of politicians and literary giants such as Peter I, Lenin, Leo Tolstoy, Bakunin, Dostoevsky, F. Chaliapin, NV Gogol, AP Chekhov and dr.Neskolko compositions stand out from the total number. For example, the last Russian Emperor's family, the scene of the death of Ivan the Terrible's son, Pushkin and Natalie between Dantes and Danglars, Catherine II. surrounded by courtiers and favoritov.Vse figures are provided with brief descriptions. Despite that guides ready to answer numerous questions. You can be sure that after a visit to the main part of the museum visitors will try to refresh your knowledge of Russian history and literature.

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Access to the fortress is free.

Tickets to the museum:

  • Adults - 250 rubles
  • The students - 220 rubles
  • Students and pensioners - 200 rubles

Shooting free.

Realistic waxworks

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