Museum of Russian impressionism

The new museum, open collector Borisom Groysom in the architectural complex «Bolshevik». The main exhibition of the museum are paintings of prominent Russian artists: Konstantin Korovin and Valentin Serov, Stanislav Zhukovsky and Igorya Grabarya, Konstantin Yuon, and Boris Kustodiev, Petra Konchalovskogo and Alexander Gerasimov.

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The idea of ​​creation of the Museum appeared at the collector Boris Mints back in 2012. For the first time as a collection of paintings were presented at the auction house MacDougall's spring 2014.

Permanent exhibition of the Museum of Russian impressionism covers a significant period of time. The earliest painting «In the Ravine» Vasily Polenov - teachers Konstantin Korovin and Valentin Serov - is dated 1879 year. Many of the paintings presented today in our rooms, had been returned to Russia from abroad. Decades later, at home were once again «Summer» Nikolai Bogdanov-Belsky and «Venice» Borisa Kustodieva, both works Petra Konchalovskogo from the museum collection and «Mountain Village» Nikolaya Dubovskogo. Museum founder is not allowed to leave the country «Gurzuf» Konstantin Korovin. Paintings Igorya Grabarya, Konstantin Juon, Yuri Pimenov, which today can look each, before almost never exhibited. The concept of «Russian Impressionism» still causes heated debate. Impressionism in Russia are out of luck. Originating in the late XIX century and almost having acquired their own sound, Russian Impressionism began to actively displaced by the avant-garde.

Building in the cultural and business center «Bolshevik», where today is the Museum of Russian impressionism, once intended for the storage of flour and sugar. Construction of the 60-ies of the XX century, stood out from the general architectural ensemble designed by French Oscar DiDio at the end of the XIX century. Historical factory buildings were built by order of the sons of confectioner Sioux, also a Frenchman by birth. Place under construction - land at the St. Petersburg highway, purchased from the sons of the Moscow merchant. «New exemplary production» to create and build the latest tehniki.Otkrytie took place in 1884. The factory was equipped with powerful steam, producer gas and oil engines. A first pastry in Moscow have learned what it is - to work by electric light. Look at the «wonder» - artificial lighting in shops - going to the city. Factory produced candies, jellies, candy, cakes, jelly beans with liqueur, ice cream, cakes and jams. After the revolution, in 1918, it was nationalized. In the 1920s the factory №3 was called «Bolshevik.» In the 60s of «Bolshevik» was considered one of the largest factories in Europe. Building flour warehouse in its territory with the neighboring shops reported a long tube through which pressure for the production of flour supplied. During the restructuring of production have upadok.V early 2000s confectionery factory was decided to withdraw outside of Moscow. And the building of flour and sugar warehouse lost its main funktsiyu.V 2012 for the project of restoration and conversion of the former flour warehouse unusual shape - a cylinder with a rectangular parallelepiped on the roof - a modern museum came from the British architectural firm John McAslan + Partners.

Today the complex «Bolshevik» has preserved not only its «revolutionary» title, but also historical appearance. The museum building is equipped with all necessary systems for a comfortable stay in it physically challenged visitors.

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Tickets at the museum box office:

  • 300 rubles - ticket for all guests
  • 200 rubles - a gift ticket, valid from tomorrow
  • 100 rubles - ticket for seniors

* The price of admission includes a visit to a temporary exhibition on the 2nd and 3rd floors

Magnificent private collection, made available for inspection in the framework of the museum.

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