The icebreaker «Krasin»

Icebreaker «Krasin» - a unique «living museum» - the ship afloat. It is the only ship of the Arctic party battles of the Second World War, being afloat and preserving the class of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. The museum exposition reveals the history of the ship, while the ship itself - a monument of history and technology. Here are stored the original maps and drawings of the icebreaker, documents and photographs on the history of the ship and the history of the Russian icebreaker fleet.


The ship, known worldwide as the icebreaker «Krasin», was launched in January 1917. It was built in England, commissioned by the Russian Naval Ministry with the participation of Russian engineers. His first name - «Svyatogor».

In the autumn of 1917 «Svyatogor» was sent to Arkhangelsk. Due to the threat of capture by the British in Arkhangelsk in 1918, the ship was sunk in the wake of the Northern Dvina. The British successfully lifted him, then «Svyatogor» under the British flag was based in Norway.

In 1921 the ship was purchased by the RSFSR People's Commissariat of Foreign Trade. The initiative for such a purchase came from the Soviet plenipotentiary representative, statesman Leonida Borisovicha Krasina. His name icebreaker and was named in 1927.

In the summer of 1928 the icebreaker «Krasin» took part in the rescue of members of flight of the airship «Italia». At this airship polar explorer Nobile W. was going to reach the North Pole that ended with the fall of the ice of the Arctic and rescue mission in several countries. First approached the ice floe with the victims was a Soviet expedition on the icebreaker «Krasin». On the way back icebreaker prevent the death of the German ship «Monte Cervantes» from 1818 passengers on board, crashed in a collision with an iceberg.

At the end of the 1920s - 1930s, the icebreaker «Krasin» provide shipping in the Baltic and White seas, he served as the research vessel. During World War II he took part in the wiring convoys, was used as a cargo ship. In 1942, the icebreaker «Krasin» was part of the Arctic convoy PQ-15.

Until 1952 the icebreaker «Krasin» remained the most powerful in the world. In the years 1952-1959 he held the modernization until 1970 he worked in the Arctic as a scientific issledovatelstkoe ship and a floating power plant. In 1992 the ship was transferred to the International Fund for the History of Science in St. Petersburg. By 1996, the repair was made, after which the icebreaker «Krasin» moored to the pier at the Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment. Currently, the status of the ship - a branch of the World Ocean Museum «icebreaker» Krasin ".

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The cost of tickets for Russian citizens:

  • Adults - 400 rubles.
  • Students, students from 16 years (full-time) - 200 rubles.
  • Seniors (age) - 200 rubles.

Is free:

  • Students up to 16 years,
  • Russian heroes,
  • Heroes of the Soviet Union,
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  • residents of besieged Leningrad,
  • conscripts (not under contract)
  • combatants,
  • Liquidators nuclear and chemical accidents,
  • museum staff
  • The first Wednesday of the month: families with many children, disabled groups I and II

Learn all about the most powerful until the mid XX century, the icebreaker in the world

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