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Quest walks in different districts and museums of St. Petersburg in English - a real urban micro-adventure. Participants will feel the excitement of the game and look at the city in an unusual perspective, take a scenic and sometimes funny discoveries. At the same time, does not require any special knowledge of deep - enough to use intuition, to show ingenuity in carrying out different tasks, or to arrange a «brainstorm» the whole team and the ultimate goal of the game is reached!


Quest «Crime and Punishment»

Most of us know the ceremonial Petersburg - its palaces and spacious squares, elegant cathedrals and museums. Fyodor Dostoevsky's novel «Crime and Punishment» describes a very different city - a cold and cruel - it's a slum, poor artisans and hungry-lohmotniki students, it's the atmosphere stalemate and frustration. The novel is set in the streets near the Haymarket area of ​​the square itself. On the Boulevard Raskolnikov meets disgraced girl in front of watchtower shoots Svidrigailov on the street and trampled by horses Marmeladov on the pavement bleeding consumptive Katerina Ivanovna. The writer accurately describes all the places where the drama takes place. Participants will walk through one of the most mystical route St. Petersburg - in the footsteps of the heroes of Dostoevsky's novel: Griboyedov Canal and the «city stomach» Hay area, Podiacheskaia Street and Lion Bridge, «a secret garden» Yusupov Palace - a place, which walked a writer in search of inspiration participants of the quest will be armed with a map and jobs. After the quest, participants will discuss the results of the game, to see the ghost of Martha Svidrigailov and even tell fortunes on the book «Crime and Punishment» in another «Dostoevsky» place - Nove bar on the embankment. R. Moika 99. Those who decide to stay in the cozy bar waiting longer viewing the film adaptation of the novel.

Quest «Dovlatov and vicinity»

You will find a literary-historical game, during which participants will have to pass the usual routes Sergei Donatovich and his close friends from the literary circle, to learn about what a street Rubinstein those years and find their own answers to the sometimes tricky questions about the biography of the writer. Route quest comprises of Rubinstein street and its lanes, as well as quay p. Fontanka. Upon completion of the quest, all teams meet in a former grocery store in Dovlatov time, and now the «flowers» of the bar to discuss the results of the game and chat over a glass of coffee / tea or drink a cocktail Dovlatov.

City Quest «centers than you can imagine»

The route includes the quest Malaya Konyushennaya Street, Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Summer and Mikhailovsky parks, as well as the Russian Museum, the Engineers Castle and river Fontanka. During the game, participants will learn a lot about the most prominent houses Minor Konyushennaya Street and their former inhabitants, architectural decipher puzzles of the Savior on Spilled Blood, to unravel the mysteries of poetry dedicated to the famous monuments and explore the most beautiful parks of St. Petersburg, in search of answers to the questions of the quest. The game ends in a cafe «Dill» in Malaya Konyushennaya where a cup of coffee / tea, participants will discuss the results of the game and congratulated the winning team.

Quest «Shine and poverty of St. Petersburg»

Neighborhood «Chernyshevskaya» station is considered one of the most beautiful in the city, even by the standards of St. Petersburg. Here, on a small plot of land, concentrated magnificent creations of the best architects, who were able to give it a special charm. This area is actively built in the XIX century, although there are much older doma.Marshrut quest Annenkirhe covers ancient, beautiful Tauride Gardens, the famous Egyptian House, famous for its stained glass windows and stairs House Bak Kelekh mansion - the castle of invisibility, which belonged to a wealthy baron times Russian Empire, one of the wonders of St. Petersburg - the tiled patio on the street of Tchaikovsky and many drugoe.Posle complete the quest, participants will go to the cafe »Spicy wind«, to a cup of coffee / tea to discuss the results of games and chat. A komanda- winner will receive a sweet prize - a box of juicy Azerbaijani baklava »tasty. Juicy. East! «

Quest »Five angles and vicinity«

Street history dates back to the 1740s, when he was laid cobbled tree travel from Nevsky prospects to country roads. Directions appear on the site trails, glades, held by the Trinity-Sergius monastery to the large country road. At first it was called Golovkinsky lane (on behalf of the Chancellor G. I. Golovkina, whose cottage was nearby). In 1798, travel was named Trinity Lane. Since 1887 - Trinity Street. Its present name Street gained in 1929 in honor of the composer Antona Grigorevicha Rubinshteyna, who lived in the house 38. The route covers Vladimir quest and part of the Country prospectus, street Rubinstein, Five Corners, Count and Shcherbakov pereulki.Uchastnikam to figure out what is your favorite dish was Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky the meaning of the mysterious figure at St. Vladimir's Cathedral, find a literary graffiti and the most »English« house on Rubinstein, as well as learn what the object used to Sergei Dovlatov friendly vozliyan th with friends and much more. After the quest all participants will meet in one very cozy cafe (which they first have to find) to a cup of coffee or something - something stronger to discuss the results of the game and just talk in English!

Quest for the museum of Anna Akhmatova

Very cozy chamber Petersburg Museum of love, not only St. Petersburg residents, but also visitors. It is here that you can literally and figuratively touch one of the most interesting periods in Russian history, see the manuscripts and personal belongings Anny Ahmatovoy. In search of answers to the historical and poetic riddles, participants will be offered a walk not only the museum, but also in the parks of the Fountain House and Sheremetev Palace and learn more about the »Russian Sappho XX century«, her family, famous friends and that tragic time in which she lived. We are discussing the results we always Mama Roma - cause-noble, and most importantly with a relaxing view of the Fontanka and the Sheremetyev Palace. For creating a lyric atmosphere may not be violated.

Quest On Hermitage

Quest was created in order to open up some of the myths and mysteries of the Hermitage. Travel story hours »Peacock« from England to St. Petersburg, the process of creating the Italian majolica, biographies of Renaissance artists and other interesting stories from the life of the museum. In the quest route includes: ceremonial halls of the Winter Palace, the halls of Italian majolica and tapestries collections of the Imperial Russian factory, halls Skylight Hall Rembrandt and »small Dutch« and much more. All this and much more you will find yourself in the quest. And about what know will not work, we will tell at the end of the game in the cafe »Hermitage« at the first floor of the museum.

Quest for the Russian Museum.

Each Petersburger probably been to this museum at least once - from a school excursion. Some art lovers even regularly visit the new exhibition opening at the museum complex. But is a lot we know about the exhibits of the museum and their creators, really? You know, for example, that »The Last Days of Pompeii« Karla Bryullova - is the most famous picture in the world on a volcanic eruption, and its author became the object of fanatical worship of Italy, which in this country did not receive any one artist since the Renaissance? Or that Ivan Aivazovsky worked so fast that he could write marine species are medium in size in just 2 hours, and most of his paintings, having a photographic memory, created without a model? That the painting »The Cossacks writing a letter to the Turkish Sultan« Repin exists already in triplicate, and that 136 years ago Kuindzhi opened an exhibition of only one picture of »Moonlit Night on the Dnieper", and the picture has made such a splash that look at it queues, and many came more than once? Not to mention the fact that the well-known film director Andrei Konchalovsky and Nikita Mikhalkov are direct descendants of Vasiliya Ivanovicha Surikova? And how many more mysteries fraught with this unique museum! We are ready to solve and, as always, a little complicate the problem yourself and you - a quest, of course, held in English! Discussion of the results in the museum café on the first floor.

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The duration of the quest: 2:00

The cost of the quest: 350 rub. per capita

How to go on a quest

Buy ticket for the quest. View the project team in English In Action VK or FB View the schedule of quests and choose the one you like. Write to or group message about the desire to participate. And come to the quest!

The advantages of these quests - the practice of the English language in a playful way, to meet new people, both locals and other guests of the city, including from abroad, as well as the opportunity to obtain useful information, which is contained in a specially prepared historical information.

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