Moscow Museum of Modern Art (in Yermolayevski Street building).

The first State Museum which is totally devoted to Modern Art of XX and XXI centuries. The building belonged to the Moscow Architecture society and Moscow Artists Association.


The house where museum is located, was built according to the project of D.Markov in 1915 for The Moscow Architecture Society and was created by contribution of Artists. The society had worked in this building before 1932, then it was abolished. The last its chairman was a Moscow architect A.Shusev (1922-1932). In Soviet times the house had belonged to the Moscow Association of Artists. The exhibition for young people and different creative workshops were situated here. The style of the building relates to the popular Neo-classical architecture which has changed the modern style. On December, 3d in 2003 the building was opened for the visitors as it became an exhibition place of the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art. Nowadays temporary exhibitions take place here. The constant exposition is located in Petrovka Street building.

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The common ticket is for 1 visit of the each of the buildings once during a day for 1 person.
The museum is specialized in Modern Art of XX and XXI centuries. New Modern Artists' works are represented here. The building of the museum today is the Neo-classical architectural monument. It was built in 1915 according to the project of D.Markov for the Moscow Architecture society.

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