Alexander Goldenweiser Mansion Museum

The pianist, composer, professor, national artist, Moscow Conservatory president Alexander Goldenveiser is one of the greatest musicians of XX century.


The house-museum was created by the solution of the USSR Ministry Committee on January, 26th in 1955. The building of the Museum is divided into 2 parts - memorial zone and a small musical hall. Excursions are hold in the memorial part. The meetings with the students of Goldenveiser, concerts of piano, vocal and instrumental music are performed in the musical hall. Research readings, seminars, consultations, research work on the music issue - are carried out here. More than 50 years Goldenveiser has devoted to the music teaching - the Museum is about it. Lots of his students are well-known today in the world. Main parts of the collection are note manuscripts, books, notes, letters, which are highly valuable. The wide collection of paintings, graphics and sculptures makes us understand that he was a very creative person. The photographs with N.Rimsky-Korsakov, I.Taneyev, S.Rakhmaninov, K.Stanislavsky marked with the autographs are in his personal collection. Most interesting are photographs made by S.Tolstaya in Yasnaya Polyana where Goldenveiser and L.Tolstoy are filmed together. Lots of things make the house comfortable and very homely as if the owner still lives there. Among them are 2 Bechtein pianos, furniture of the beginning of XX centuries, personal things of L.Tolstoy who has been a friend of Goldenveiser for almost 16 years.

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The ticket is for 1 visit for 1 person.
To view the archives of Goldenveiser, his library, numerous collections, valuable memorial things. To visit [iano, vocla and instrumental music concerts. To meet the students of Goldenveiser.



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