Sergey Prokofiyev Museum

One of the greatest Soviet composers Sergey Prokofiyev had lived in this house in Kamergersky pereulok since 1947 till 1953.


The exposition of the museum starts with the stairs - the symbol of return of the composer back to the native land after the long period of living abroad. The walls show the photographs of Moscow - the one which was seen and felt by the musician in the past. The autographs of his compositions reflect his creative way. The pictures of him as of conductor or of pianist tell about him a lot. The different styles of concert hall decoration (classical or constructive) is reasoned by the style of his creativity where both modern and classic art are combined. Both of them were hand in hand in his music. But different times showed different harmony of them. The exhibit items of his living room tell a lot about the role of S. Dyagilev in his music or about his friendship with I.Stravinsky or French musicians and artists. The paintings by O.Ostroumova-Lebedeva, Henri Matisse, M.Larionova (caricature) show the character of Prokofiyev. On May, 18th during the festival "The Sun and the Music" devoted to the 120 years anniversary of the composer there was opened the special exhibition in the museum "Sergey Prokofiyev. Life Pages". The hall is decorated in the modern style with bright walls and geometric lines. 20 documental collages represent the basic steps of the composer's life. Vitrines are full of documents, posters, photographs, autographs, musical publishes. The personal things are most interesting for visitors. Among them is a chess-board. The center of the room is occupied by the piano made by "Steinway & Sons" company. The exposition of the concert hall is devoted to the musical theater of Prokofiyev. It is possible to view the sketches of decorations and costumes for operas and ballets created by the composer. Among the most valuable exhibit items you can see the design of the costumes made by Isaak Rabinovitch to the Moscow opera "The Love to 3 oranges" of 1927 (this performance Prokofiyev had visited himself). The small hall of the exposition reflects the sense of the library of 1940-1950-s. The materials which are represented here tell about the family and close relationship of the composer. The biggest part of exhibit items is dedicated to his first wife - Lina Prokofiyeva and his sons - Svyatoslav and Oleg. Family photographs of different periods of time let us feel different periods of composer's life. The other part of the exposition is devoted to his close friends. For example, V.Derzhanovsky was a real fan of Prokofiyev's music and due to him Prokofiyev sounded in Moscow.. The memorial work room of the composer finishes the exposition and gives the chance to feel the atmosphere which has been in the house of Prokofiyev living time,

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The ticket is for 1 visit for 1 person.
To view the personal things of the composer. To see the designs and sketches of the decorations and costumes to operas and ballets of the composer.

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