Nikolay Golovanov Mansion Museum

The museum has collected the richest heritage of the well-known conductor, pianist and composer - Nikolay Golovanov.

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For more than 40 years the museum has been housing the archives, paintings collections, sculptures, books and notes libraries of the well-known conductor, composer and pianist Nikolay Golovanov. After Golovanov died in 1953 his personality and biography became particularly interesting. When he was a child of 10 years in the family of farm workers he was adopted to Moscow synodal college of church Singing. Because of his clear great soprano and his musicality he became a part of soloists' trio (the boys sang motets in Greek language during the mess). His was a very hardworking and bright boy. This made him one of the best students of the college. When he was 17-18 years old (during his last college years) he was a chorister in Marfo-Mariyinskaya cenacle. In 1910 he became a teacher in synodal college and the regent assistant in messes of Moscow Kremlin Uspensky cathedral. In 1913 the young musician managed to make up for the famous regent N.Danilov's absence in the concerts of synodal chorus in Berlin. A year after he established Moscow conservatory as a composer and in 1915 he started to work in Bolshoy theater as a conductor. Nikolay Golovanov made lots of concerts as a pianist-accompanist with his wife - famous singer Antonina Nezhdanova. After 1917 except working in the theater he also was a musical chief of the opera studio of Stanislavsky, who was the professor of Moscow conservatory and one of the creators of Big Symphonic Orchestra for All-Union radio committee. Among the students of Golovanov are L.Ginzburg, G.Rozhdestvensky, B.Khaikin.

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To view archieves of N.Golovanov, paintings, sculptures and art collections, notes and books libraries.

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