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Moscow Free Tours will be happy to bring you along the bright excursions routs! The best ways, which include sure places for watching, are available 7 days a week during any kind of weather and for groups of any size. Moscow Free Tours people say: - We love our country and our city very much, we are proud of being Russians and we are happy to share our knowledge and our admiration with you: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg. - We believe that the trip must be oriented to the cultural base and life style: you have to see what makes the city unique. - Whatever we do - we do it in a professional way. It is not suitable for modern Russia but anyway we try to change the situation and to make it better. - Any trip means money and spends. We believe that people must travel and experience the world even when their pockets are not full with dollars. That is the reason we make our excursions really cheap and available.

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The ticket is for 1 excursion for 1 person (group excurions!) in Engish language.
To listent the story about your city in English language or to get acquainted with the city if you do not live here. T walk along the most famous streets and to view the most popular sightseeings. To visit a free everyday tour.

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