State Alexander Pushkin Museum

The famous poet and his contemporaries, manuscripts, personal things, interior of Puskin's epoch are represented here. An interactive exposition «Wonderful Buyan Island» (according to the famous fairytales by Pushkin) is created for kids.

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The State Pushkin Museum today is one of the official cultural centers of Moscow in Russia. The museum complex is located in the architectural monument of the beginning of XIX century - in the City noblemen residence of Khrushyov-Seleznyovs. Instant expositions «Pushkin and his epoch», «Fairytales by Pushkin», exhibition halls, a reading room, concert and conference-halls are located in this place. The Funds of museum with rare books, paintings, graphics and portraits in miniatures of XVIII-XIX centuries are opened for all the visitors. Porcelain, bronze, artistic glass and ceramic art-works, genealogical materials are housed here. 

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The ticket is for 1 visit for 1 person.
To learn a lot about the famous poet, his contemporaries and his epoch. To visit the lections, conferences, theatralized performances.

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