Anti-cinema KinoKhouse

Movies «a la carte», video-games. karaoke, table games, bar.



Digital mini 3D cinema house, equipped with an audio-system Dolby digital 5.1, supporting formats HD and 3D, where you can watch any new movies of Blue-ray lease. Two private cinema-rooms for those who are in love, for little companies or for families. You can bring here your food and drinks. Everybody will feel comfort here and everyone will feel himself as if he is at home. We have Italian and Georgian cuisines. Same money you are going to spend in the usual cinema theater you will spend here for much more things! The only thing you need - to book the ticket in advance.

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The ticket is for 1 hour visit for 1 person. Pre-registration and booking by phone is needed.
To have rest with your friends or with you family in a quiet atmosphere. To spend good time in the place where nobody will disturb you (all rooms of the cinema theater are izolated and private). Movies, karaoke, games are here for you.

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