Startups pleasantly surprised competence of the President in IT

President of Russia met with the representatives of the Internet Initiatives Development Fund and prospectives startups, recently selected for IIDF first "acceleration". "We realized that the government understands the prospects of development of startups and will help in this, and it is very important for the IT-market", - said the CEO of Voxxter Maxim Ivlev, who took part in the meeting.

The Yakuts can purchase tickets to the Museum from home

National art Museum of Yakutia launches new online ticket service for visitors. Now the entrance ticket to the Museum can be purchased via the Internet on the site of the Museum in the section "Exhibitions". On this moment there is no similar analogues for the sale of electronic tickets in Yakutsk. The launch of this service became possible due to the company Voxxter - city guide tourist.

Telereporting LOVE RADIO about the exhibition InstaART

Nikolay Sidorkin, member of the jury: «This is probably the coolest and biggest exhibition Instagram images in Russia. For the first time in the framework of the Moscow Biennale of modern art you can see exactly Instagram-exhibition». Maxim Ivlev, the CEO of the company-organizer Voxxter: «Bringing Instagram to the art level is, of course, a separate job.»

A report in

Bloggers, photographers and celebrities were involved in an unprecedented event, the first Russian competition for Instagram users, which consists of a selection of images on display at the recently opened Vauxhall Center exhibition space inside Rizhsky Station. The gallery consists of a small main hall, second floor veranda and is painted white to help focus attention on the exhibits.

A report in the newspaper

Photography now is an integral part of life, as well as mobile device, so a lot of people know such mobile app as Instagram. But how many of those people could think that, by making even a single shot, each of them will be able to claim the attention of the audience not online, but offline. The company Voxxter has made this possible...

The TV report on RBC-TV about the exhibition InstaART

Serge Golovach, photographer, the chairman of the jury: «When the photo and video become art? When it's installed on the territory of art». Anna Abbasova, director of the gallery Vauxhall Center: «The exhibition is one of the stages of the project. This is generally a great competition, we want to find a winner in this complex form of art - contemporary photography through the filter Instagram».

Startup Voxxter one year later

The founders of the newly created startups usually full of energy. They are optimistic and confident that their project will soar, because it is «unique». But really, then, after the launch, comes the most interesting and challenging. We decided that it would be interesting to ask startups with whom we spoke last year about what has happened during this time. And, of course - if it is all so rosy. The first in the line is Voxxter - « for museums» how says its founder Maxim Ivlev.

First all-Russia exhibition of Instagram pictures

The exhibition will take place during 5 Moscow Biennale of contemporary art from September 20 to October 20, 2013. The exhibition will be in a new art space Vauxhall Center.

In Moscow there will be the exhibition of Instagram-photos

The exhibition is supported by Facebook during 5 Moscow Biennale of contemporary art from September 20 to October 20 at the art space Vauxhall Center. InstaART - exhibition of photos made with the help of popular mobile application Instagram.

Let's go to museums!

The company Voxxter brought to the Moscow market the new service. For the first time I've heard about offers the company from my colleagues who invited me to the celebration of the first anniversary of the project. Celebrate not with a feast, but with a trip to Moscow museums-galleries. Everything is simple - the company engages in that it develops the program of visiting of exhibitions, galleries and museums, trying to make these visits are comfortable and affordable.

In Moscow introduced «Cultural passports»

Moscow company Voxxter involved in promotion of museums among citizens, launched the project «Cultural passport». It is the name of the certificate that will give its owner the right to visit museums discount for a certain period of time.

For Moscow museums appeared «Holistic ticket»

The company Voxxter launched in Moscow the project "Holistic ticket»: by one ticket you can visit several museums, parks and other entertainment venues with discount. While the company offers two types of tickets, each of them is designed to visit five seats.

Muscovites were offered

The company Voxxter involved in promotion of museums among citizens, launched the project «Cultural passport». As told to The Village representative of the press-service of the project Ekaterina Guseva, the owners of the «Cultural passport» will be able to get to the city museums half cheaper than usually.

Interview with CEO and co-founder Voxxter

We continue to talk about the new interesting projects of young entrepreneurs, and most importantly, themselves - those who are not afraid to change the world around them and to get pleasure from it. The creators of the project «Voхxter» share the desire to make a cultural holiday and city tourism is one of the most important types of liesure for the visitors and residents of Moscow and the largest cities of Russia. About how works "City tourist guide" and how Maxim managed it to get it works in an interview.

Russian digital culture is warming up

Digital engagement specialist Abhay Adhikari has just returned from running two days of strategic communication workshops with a group of 22 young creative entrepreneurs, as part of the Cultural Leadership programme run by British Council Russia. The participants included independent startups as well as communications and marketing professionals from various public and private sector institutions in Moscow and St Petersburg.

6 June - a landmark date. The great poet Alexander Pushkin was born in this day 214 years. In honor of this event in Moscow held a commemorative events and literary meetings. The Pushkin Museum traditionally takes visitors free of charge. However, the cost of tickets on other days not high, a maximum of 140 roubles. And now Muscovites can buy tickets in the Internet. About the new service for the sale of electronic tickets in museums and galleries are in the program "Business in Moscow: how it works".